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Moon jellyfish


Sunset Marine Labs

has been serving the public aquarium, zoo, and professional arena since 1996

Established as the first commercial jellyfish husbandry lab in the world, we are excited to now be supplying the hobbyist market! Providing you with 23 years of expertise in jellyfish breeding, tank design, manufacturing and successful care and maintenance of your jellies and jellyfish system, no matter the size or scope.

23 years ago we started commercially growing jellyfish for the zoo and aquarium industry across the United States. Back then only a handful of public aquariums were exhibiting jellyfish, led by Monterey Bay AquariumCabrillo AquariumNational Aquarium in Baltimore, MD, and New England AquariumMonterey Bay Aquarium first introduced visitors to the beauty of jellies with “Planet of the Jellies,” a special exhibition that ran from March 1992 to September 1993. It remains one of the most popular in aquarium history.

Jellyfish kreisel tank design innovations and new husbandry techniques were developed for that exciting new exhibit; however, mainstream jellyfish husbandry was still off in the distance for most zoos & aquariums. How could they begin to share the experience of jellyfish with their patrons? This is when we stepped in & began supplying live jellyfish, custom jellyfish tank displays, as well as frozen jellyfish food to public aquariums across the nation. 

We supply jellyfish and/or jellyfish tanks to Indianapolis ZooTennessee AquariumGeorgia AquariumMemphis Zoo, and Sea World just to name a few. We have also assisted many professional aquarium service companies across the U.S. by designing and building high-end jellyfish installations at their request, educating them on the ins and outs of jellykeeping, stocking those systems with animals & food and continuing support throughout. Our customer base is wide—and we are ready to make it even wider by welcoming you, the hobbyist, into the fold!


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