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Frozen Jellyfish Food

$25 Overnight Shipping on 250 grams!

$35 Overnight Shipping on 1 kilo!

250 gram supply of enriched Artemia nauplii.  We hatch, enrich and process our frozen jellyfish food daily to ensure freshness.
Depending on the number and size of jellyfish you are feeding, it will cost as little as .77 cents per day! That's only $23.10 per month!  This is what we feed to our growing jellyfish everyday here in the lab!  It is also the same product public aquariums and zoos feed their jellies.  Works beautifully for corals, invertebrates and fish, too.  Can be held in the freezer for up to 6 months.   
Feeding Guide:
Cut 1/4" piece of the frozen food to feed 3-6 small jellies (1" diameter).
Cut 1/2" piece of the frozen food to feed 3-6 medium jellies(2"diameter).
Cut ½" piece of the frozen food to feed 2-3 of the large jellies(3"diameter). 
Dissolve the piece in a small cup with some water from the jellyfish system. Gently pour the dissolved mixture into the water making sure not to pour directly onto a jellyfish. Feed once a day.
Example: One 250 gram package of our Frozen Jellyfish Food will feed 3 medium jellyfish for 90 days (3 months).