Moon Jellyfish Online

1 Medium + 2 Small

1 Medium (2"diameter) + 2 Small (1"diameter) Moon Jellyfish. A free jellyfish with every order!

Aurelia aurita—lab cultured, tank raised. Temperature range: 64ºF-78ºF (18ºC-26ºC)

$34 Special Overnight Flat Rate

We ship Monday - Thursday UPS Next Day delivery for all jellyfish sales.  If you need them delivered on a specific date, please specify in the Note to Seller during checkout.

Understandably, we are concerned about the welfare of our animals.  Many people do not understand that a specialized tank with proper filtration is necessary to responsibly keep jellyfish as pets. Therefore, to guard against misinformed purchases of live animals online, we reserve the right to cancel any live jellyfish order at our discretion. If you are looking for stock for a jellyfish system that is not on our approved list, you are purchasing at your own risk.