Moon Jellyfish

Eon Jellyfish System

This 10 gallon Jellyfish Tumbler Aquarium comes complete with pump, heater and 3-stage filter.  The initial mechanical, biological and chemical filter media is also included along with the remote controlled, color changing LED lights.

Utilizing a square-flow design, first introduced in the mid 1990's by the Monterey Bay Aquarium & the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, the eon jellyfish system produces a similar environment encountered by the jellyfish in nature. With the square-flow design the jellies are allowed to bell naturally which encourages proper feeding habits. Proper feeding, of course, along with the up and down flow pattern creates an ideal habitat for sustaining happy and healthy jellies.

Once you receive your eon Jellyfish System and get it set up, please return to and place your first order for jellyfish. With your first order of jellies, you will receive 3 free 2" jellyfish and a 1 month supply of food (80g).  NOTE: Initially, you must purchase at least 1 jellyfish in order to receive the 3 free jellies and free food. 

Dimensions: 12"L x 15"W x 20"H
Weight with water: 85 lbs.
Available in black or white cast acrylic

Allow 4-6 weeks delivery

Eon in Action

  • Eon Black

  • Eon White

  • Eon 3D Rendering